Investor Relations

More than forty years building WinSonic Holdings,Ltd. our days remain an exercise in learning, absorbing and growing.
In all of these lessons, I’ve found that our shareholders and partners have proven to be a major ingredient in our recipe for success. Now companies and schools are enabling learn-work-fromhome structures to keep education, edutainment, and business running and helping families, teachers and employees continue working and following social distancing guidelines the new normal. Winsonic Holdings, Ltd. is bringing change, both to commercial and residential users enhancing significant telecommunications, telemedicine, broadcasting, digital media capabilities and support services. Winsonic Holdings, Ltd. success in this industry relies a great deal on envisioning and delivering the services needed to support a society with an appetite for greater convenience, better quality and lower cost communication services. Not only is our company well positioned to be a leading provider of digital distribution services in this country, but also our offerings have gained a new level of recognition and status in our industry. At Winsonic Holdings, Ltd. our belief is that the future is digital distribution over the next coming years and we will continue to see its rapid adoption in our country, particularly as the incumbent carriers increasingly seek to migrate their platforms to digital networks. Our focus, therefore, is on leading the way in innovative new services while offering highly competitive rates combined with excellent customer service. Our corporate policies and practices are designed to ensure that this focus is continuously upheld at all levels of our company. With an objective of listing on a major exchange as soon as reasonably possible, we have made a point of adopting industry best practices in our company corporate governance and will continue to identify ways to enhance and strengthen our corporate stewardship as Winsonic Holdings, Ltd. evolves and prospers. Winsonic would like to formally welcome you to join those who have stood by us with unwavering support and confidence and invite you as a prospective Shareholder to pay very close attention to our actions. We believe you will come to find that we are indeed a company on the move and one that is destined for greatness.





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