Digital Bundle Solutions

Eliminate the need for expensive satellite hook-ups. Connect students, employees and even customers through distance learning. WDCSN’s Advanced Video Services offer high-quality video and audio transmission alternatives at costs that are both controllable and affordable.

Save time and money by transmitting your video and audio files over  WDCSN’s digital broadband network – the fast, affordable solution for distance learning, post-production and broadcast needs. Whether you are looking to improve existing video quality or control costs, we have the solution that can meet your needs. Broadcasters, educators, medical professionals or film producers – a variety of customers can reap the benefits of WDCSN.

  WinSonic Digital Cable Systems Network can:

    • Improve video quality – You can choose the service that best meets your video quality needs,
      transmission requirements and location targets

    • Simplify video transport – By selecting only the service required for the application, you order only what you need,
      when you need it – and buy it from a recognized leader in the field

    • Predict and control costs – Purchase the specific service you need, for the exact time period required;
      pricing options include ordering service for as little as one day or for an extended contract period; discounts are available
      for most long-term contracts

  • Increase revenues and expand markets – Educational institutions and businesses can use high-quality
    videoconferencing services to reach areas beyond their normal footprint; CATV providers can expand their service coverage
    to areas formerly beyond the reach of traditional delivery

Satellite and microwave transmission require line-of-sight transmission and are subject to weather and radio frequency interference. WDCSN’s extensive fiber-optic network, however, delivers a high-quality video and audio signal in either one- or two-way transmission and in either two-point or multipoint configurations.

WDCSN’s Video Engineering and Operations teams are available throughout the country. Experts in designing, providing and supporting video networks, they will create customized service offerings that can meet customer requirements.

Services, Choices, Results

WDCSN understands that video transport is not just about bandwidth; it’s the solution to a communication challenge. Whether your challenge is developing a distance learning solution for a university or corporate training department, ensuring broadcast capability for live events or transporting media from here to there for postproduction editing, WDCSN has the expertise and the technology to help you succeed.

Bring High Speed and Quality Together at an Affordable Price

We understand the fast-paced, demanding world of pre-production, production, and post-production. Whether you’re editing offline or creating special effects, you want to move the media down the production line as quickly as possible, without a significant loss in quality. WDCSN meets all of these needs with uncompressed D1 video transmitted at 270 Mbps over our fiber-optic broadband networks.

You can transmit and receive on demand the highest quality signal available at a very competitive price. Plus, the service can allow you to manipulate and edit footage in real-time, complete with high-resolution video and embedded machine control. And WDCSN makes real-time editing a reality. WDCSN also gives you the freedom to use your preferred codec. It provides hassle-free analog-digital conversion.

D1 video allows you to manipulate broadcast-quality footage in real-time, miles away from the film. View dailies immediately after they are developed. Edit shots from across town or around the world. With WDCSN, you don’t have to wait for a courier, and you’re only on location if you want to be.

Get the Show on the Road Locally and Across the Country

Whatever your broadcasting needs, the show will never look or sound better than when you broadcast an uncompressed signal at 270 Mbps over WDCSN’s digital broadband network. WDCSN has built a comprehensive digital infrastructure, throughout local serving areas, providing access to powerful coast-to-coast fiber optic networks to deliver transmission quality that meets broadcast industry standards. Transmitting your signal across this network, you can instantly send and receive the highest quality video signal available.

WDCSN leads you into the broadband future with high-speed optical transmission and WDCSN’s value-adding features like:

    • Support for HDTV transmission. WDCSN supports the D1 native compression format of HDTV now,
      so you won’t scramble to re-engineer your infrastructure when broadcasting standards change.

    • Customer-controlled switching means no waiting for your connections, and no scheduling.
      Set up your own connections using a graphical user interface.





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