Our Team

Winston Johnson, Chairman and Founder of WinSonic Holdings, has spent over 30 years in the telecommunications industry creating and enhancing technology to bring innovation and value. His journey started in music, computer science, and the communications industries in the 1970’s. He pioneered technological advances including a digital compression sound engineering technology that produced a superior sound known as the WinSonic Process. That process has been used to enable film and record companies to record and distribute high-end voice, data, text, audio, and video files globally. IN 1994 and 1995, WinSonic and WinSonic Digital Cable Systems Network (WDCSN) coordinated and integrated the very first video telephone and video email “store and forward” application resulting in one of the first successful video telephone applications. Since then WinSonic and WDCSN have worked with multiple states, major cities such as Los Angeles, and various federal agencies . They helped create a “Smart Network” for the Hollywood entertainment district. WinSonic continues its track record in innovation and design and implementation of high-speed telecommunication networks. Winsonic has been involved in over two billion dollars in United States and Global infrastructure planning to date also innovations for Internet Protocol TV (IPTV), Over-the-Top (OTT), and facilities-based Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) solutions. Today Winsonic has built operations in many U.S. markets that include fiber routes, collocation and interconnection to facilities with Regional Bell Operating Companies, Cable Carriers and Cloud Platforms in the United States bringing advanced technologies to empower mankind. In addition to the WinSonic Process, WinSonic owns several “Glass Master” recordings from various recording artists and has digitally archived film and music projects for legends such as Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Pink Floyd, James Ingham, and New Kids on the Block just to name a few. WinSonic has provided consulting services to major record labels and networks such as Motown, Sony, Warner Brothers, Arista, Disney and Fox.


Sales Engineering – Sales – Video Distribution – Business Development – Product Marketing Versatile, highly accomplished and results-oriented with superior customer management and business skills and track record of success managing large, complex projects for telecommunications and cable MSOs and broadcasters for U.S. and international clients. Proven expertise and passion designing, developing and implementing systems for Broadcast, Video, Audio, Compression, Headend, IPTV and OTT from ingest to delivery. Key strengths in leading, revenue generation, managing technical teams, relationship building and problem resolution. Demonstrated effective communication and presentation skills with both technical and nontechnical audiences.

Qualifications in Video ingest and video distribution and with service providers for distribution of video in MPEG2/4/MBR, HLS, HSS, IPTV. • Video and IPTV, advanced services such as MBR, Video Everywhere, cloud based delivery, CBR and MBR video delivery. Linear, PPV and VOD to multi devices, CPE’s and Smart TV’s. • Knowledge of fiber transport of video content over POP’s and internet delivery of video content. • End to end systems design and architecture; improving existing Headend/IPTV. • Experience working with large and small organizations, service providers, broadcasters, satellite, hospitality, airlines. Experience supporting resellers and system integrators. • Competitive analysis, road maps, vision, pricing and business development for video distribution. • Video standards; working with test equipment; field trials, customer demos, trade shows. • Worked with 350+ service providers in Americas and maintained pre and post launch relationships. • Worked internally with product and operations on product roadmap, presentations and white label solutions. • Experience with C level executives.

20yrs+ in telecommunications, and 12yrs+ specialized in consultancy services at various organization levels: executive, upper management, operational and engineering. Services and solutions have been provided and implemented throughout EMEA, Asia/Pacific, the Caribbean and the Americas. The addressable market has primarily been residential services comprising broadband, telephony, TV and media, and security. Services delivered have included Management Consultancy, Technical Consultancy, Strategic Consultancy, System Integration, and Project Management.

15yrs+ in business consultancy and project management, particularly in accounting services and financial management. The territory has been primarily LATAM, and in varied market verticals. Project management has been delivered at the executive level and included managing of tasks, inventory, human resources, and budget. Randy has worked within the Telecommunications Industry for more than 15 years in the areas of operations, finance, customer service, human resources, billing systems, warehouse & purchasing, and programming among others both domestically and internationally.  Extensive experience in M&A activities, dealing with acquisitions and divestitures worldwide, leading due diligence processes, as well as spearheading the transition/merging of acquired companies. He has led several projects in the acquisition of multiple broadband operations where he then played a key role in growing those properties until their successful strategic exits. He also brings additional experience working for both public and private companies as well as experience working on different industries such as manufacturing, service, and public accounting.

36yrs+ experience in the Satellite and Microwave Communications field, working for major industry players such as Equatorial Communications, Contel ASC, GTE Spacenet, GE Americom, IBM, AvData Systems, ITC Deltacom, SDN Global and General Dynamics Satcom Technologies Advanced training in RF and Systems Engineering, Project Management and Technical Support Roles Assisted in the development of early Digital Satellite Broadcast Television transmission and VSAT technologies Managed, designed and built World Class Earth Stations for clients in many diverse fields such as U.S Government, Maritime mobility, Gas and Oil Industry and foreign and domestic telecommunication service providers Consultant to network providers in the Nationwide Digital Paging network for First Responders Consultant to several Satellite Service Providers in system design and equipment selection Maintain an active role in evaluating new technologies to provide underserved markets with global products that increase knowledge and diversification.





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