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Winsonic Digital Cable Systems Network Holdings, LTD. is a digital media diversity solutions company which historically has focused on distributing digital content to the public and providing high-speed, high-quality, low-cost telecommunication solutions that enable users to view, interact, and listen to all types of audio, online video and “Digital TV Bundle” in all formats. It is the goal of the Company to deliver secure, reliable, high performance cloud integration, cloud lab, data center, and interconnection bundled solutions to a wider range of customers include centrally-located utilities, project management, telephone, internet, audio/video and digital tv as a Diversity Vendor. It is our intention that the Business will provide integrated communications solutions, digital television services, including content management, licensing, transcoding, hosting, digital rights management, and CDN high-speed transport. In addition, offer business to business and enterprise customers across the United States and around the world scalable digital distribution services and communications systems end- to-end solutions, and provides mission-critical data center facilities that protect and ensure the continued operation of its integrated communications solutions and digital television services for its customers and partners. We believe that the digital distribution industry will continue to grow at a rapid rate and that customers will gravitate toward companies that can deliver the most secure, reliable, and flexible converged solutions that will save time and money and boost productivity.

We believe our actions in fiscal year 2018 have positioned us well to develop further and to take advantage of these opportunities. Winsonic Digital Cable Systems Network, Ltd. Operations (Winsonic Digital TV Operations) Internet Protocol (“IP”) television company based on its end-to-end enterprise IPTV / OTT solutions and its “Products”. Is a professional services provider and has evolved since its inception to become a provider of a comprehensive suite of technology and other services to content owners and aggregators, affording them an end-to-end enterprise “IPTV OTT” solution. “IPTV OTT” refers to the distribution over an IP network of streamed audio, video and other multimedia content, similar to television programming content, using industry-standard streaming protocols. By “end-to-end enterprise IPTV OTT solution,” the Company means that it provides the following services: (1) content management-encoding of various digital and analog TV and video formats (2) subscriber management- managing subscriber access and control of subscriber accounts (3) digital rights management – preserving the integrity of the content and protecting it from unauthorized access (4) billing services – enabling customers to view subscription accounts and providing pay-per-view transactional billing, payment processing and advertising insertion (5) delivery-delivering streamed audio, video and other multimedia content anywhere, anytime through Winsonic’s IPTV OTT service and infrastructure. Winsonic Digital Cable Systems Network, LTD business objective is to enter into agreements with companies seeking private networks to reach target audiences and to provide complete IPTV OTT services to these companies.

Winsonic has two types of customer relationships business-to-consumer (“B2C”) and business-to-business (“B2B”). The B2C customer relationships are more individual consumer oriented. The B2B relationships have been the focus of the Company now. A B2B relationship is focused on providing an end-toend solution to a customer relationships to enable that customer to provide digital media and IPTV / OTT services to its end users. also film studios, networks, content owners, service distributors, and aggregators, affording them an end to end enterprise “Digital TV Bundle” & Winsonic Cloud solutions. “Digital TV Bundle” refers to the distribution over a private network of streamed audio, video and other multimedia content, television programming content, using industry standard broadcast and streaming protocols. Winsonic customer relationships markets the content on one (or more) of the targeted platforms focused on a specific diaspora community, as well as on the general communities. Winsonic distributes content through two primary distribution methods: Internet-connected browser-based devices such as personal computers, laptops and mobile devices; and Standard television through use of a Winsonic Internet-connected set top box (“STB”). Both of Winsonic’s distribution methods take advantage of a manage IPTV/ OTT network. As a result, content delivered by Winsonic is available globally and is potentially unlimited in breadth.

Winsonic earns revenue in four broad categories: Subscriber revenue consists of recurring revenue based on subscriber usage, bandwidth usage fees for the Winsonic infrastructure and/ or technology usage fees based on the number of subscribers. The subscriber revenue is typically based on a monthly, quarterly or annual billing cycle to end users through our billing systems and can be either a fixed fee per user or a variable fee measured as a percentage of the end user pricing technology services revenue consists of the set up and maintenance services, (STBs) design, user interface optimization and streaming configuration. Included in technology services revenue is the licensing of the technology required to convert, compress and transmit the video signals to our content distribution network and ultimately the end users. Equipment revenue consists of the sale of App’s, and Digital TV appliances to content partners and/or end users to enable the end user to receive the content over the Internet and display the signal on a standard television or smart television services.

Global online TV episode and movie revenues will reach $159 billion in 2024; more than double the $68 billion recorded in 2018. About $17 billion will be added in 2019 alone.

SVOD became the largest OTT revenue source in 2014 by overtaking AVOD. SVOD revenues will climb by $51 billion between 2018 and 2024 to $87 billion.

Simon Murray, Principal Analyst at Digital TV Research, said: “Despite losing market share to SVOD, there is still plenty of AVOD growth left. AVOD revenues will increase by $34 billion between 2018 and 2024 to take its total to $56 billion. Several high profile AVOD-funded platforms are due to start operations soon.”

From the 138 countries covered in the report, the top five will command 68% of the global revenues by 2024. This proportion is down from 71% in 2018; revealing that the rest of the world will grow at a faster rate. OTT revenues will exceed $1 billion in 18 countries by 2024; up from 10 countries in 2018.

The US will remain the dominant territory by some distance, with its share of global revenues staying just under 40%. Digital TV Research forecasts that revenues in the US will more than double between 2018 and 2024 – adding nearly $34 billion to reach $61 billion. China will add $15 billion over the same period to reach to $27 billion. The US and China will control 56% of the global total by 2024.

SaaS Digital Media Management

All Fortune 1000 companies are experiencing significant challenges in merging their business processes with rapidly changing digital tools and infrastructure. Fragmented legacy systems and business flows are colliding with new technology in unexpected ways. The cost of ownership and monetization of Digital Content for example has exploded in cost with an increase of over 11x more than long standing analog methods. This collision has resulted in silo based system and backend technology deployments, leading to the inability to accurately calculate costs and business risks. Critical challenges such as lack of cohesive communication, no ability to search across disparate data sets, lack of aggregate analytics, and significant duplication of work and data are all common complaints. Companies of all sizes in every vertical are now acknowledging the need to leverage the latest digital technology management advancements to improve economics, and maximize productivity.

Product Overview

Winsonic Media Covelant Systems is a leading SaaS Enterprise Content Management system seamlessly merges business intelligence and machine learning to vertically and horizontally integrate businesses with their underlying technology supply chains. Winsonic Covelant Systems identified the Media sector as their first target, as the space is on the cutting edge of the digital shift with massive data sets with un-searchable intellectual property and business data.

The product immediately gained traction within the Media sector with The Walt Disney Company. In 2016 Disney and Lucas Film evaluated over 700 system platforms to manage the Star Wars and Indiana Jones content. Winsonic Covelant Systems designed, built, and implemented the Star Wars 2017 and beyond monetization pipeline for all Star Wars intellectual property. Included extensive work assisting with emergency Carrie Fisher footage searches for Star Wars Episodes 8 and 9 after her untimely passing.

How Winsonic Covelant Systems Solves The Problem

Winsonic at its core is a comprehensive efficiency engine. The Winsonic platform has been built to solve todays challenges while simultaneously future proofing its customers critical business flows. Winsonic does this by merging the customer facing application layer, deep analysis and aggregation of core data, and extensive machine learning backend technology that manages orchestration and adaptability. Simply put, Winsonic talent fills the holes in business processes by unifying the various departmental silos. It simultaneously removes friction between the underlying technology stacks that support the business processes.

An example of this is a use case at Disney.

While filming Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales in Australia, the production team realized they were over budget on specific Visual Effects shots. The team in Australia was able to use Covalent / Winsonic system to securely, and easily search through previously unused data of the previous 4 Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Without the Winsonic Covelant Systems solution, there was no time or budget to find / physically set up / identify unused material and search through the various data sets. With the Winsonic Covelant Systems solution, the Production was able to easily select several pieces of data to re-use.

Disney reports that using this solution saved major cost on the project.

Winsonic Customer Value Proposition
  • Drastically improved Time to market.
  • Significant reduction in cost while boosting monetization opportunities.
  • Comprehensive built-in security keeps intellectual property safe, even in outside networks.
  •  Enables higher quality of Customer products and services by enabling increased iterations.
  • Multiple ways to capture ROI across diverse requirements.
  • Customer isn’t required to radically change any core business processes.
  • Fixes critical issues today, while future proofing for tomorrow.
  • Avoids massive investment of money and time engineering internal solutions.
  • Mitigates single point of failure solutions.
  • Creates efficiencies across the entire business lifecycle.
  • Drastically improved reporting, and analytics.
  • Machine Learning continues to improve efficiency the more you use Winsonic / Covalent.
Experienced Team

The Winsonic Covelant Systems team uniquely combines comprehensive media and business process experience with in-depth and extensive technology and system development expertise.

The team has worked on over 1000 Film and Television projects (23 Academy Award Winners) as well as core business and technology projects at Pixar, Qualcomm, Electronic Arts, VMware, NetApp, NVIDIA, Sony, Viacom, and Adobe.


  • Market Leadership
  • Propietary Technology
  • Visionary Team

Winsonic Business Model

  • Proven thought leader in rapidly expanding $100B+ market.
  • Attractive SaaS revenue model with extremely low churn rate.
  • Proven ability to close business with blue-chip customer base.
  • Significant potential for expanded SaaS offerings within existing blue-chip customers.
  • Limited direct competition creates a significant white-space opportunity

Winsonic Cloud-based Storage Focus

The global market for Cloud-Based Storage Services is projected to reach US$117 billion by 2024, driven by the numerous benefits of cloud that can no longer be overlooked against the backdrop of the evolving era of “as-a-Service” where ‘everything’ is now a service (XaaS).

Few of the benefits responsible for why cloud storage is today a big part of the modern enterprise include low initial CAPEX and total cost of ownership (TCO); easy and rapid deployment; agility offered by ondemand services; self-service provisioning and ability to self-customize and configure services; pay-per-use subscription billing; resource scalability and the ensuing ability to ‘scale right’ as per changing requirements; enhanced data/content sharing and collaboration experience; ensures easy and costeffective compliance to data storage regulations; enables effective business continuity and disaster recovery; unrivalled data portability and enterprise mobility benefits which are vital in this era of connected enterprises; lower infrastructure management and maintenance burden.

Other major factors also influencing growth include growing adoption of a wide variety of business applications and IT solutions as SaaS based solutions and the ensuing popularity of cloud-to-cloud backup security for SaaS data; rise of SMBs as a major customer cluster for Storage-as-a-Service; increasing use of big data in the Internet of Things (IoT) era and the resulting need for cost- effective storage of mountains of big data; rise of data-intensive business environments, the focus shed on managing and treating data as a corporate asset and the ensuing expansion of spending budgets for IT storage.

The United States represents the largest market worldwide. Asia-Pacific ranks as the fastest growing market with a CAGR of 31.1% over the analysis period led by the development of the enterprise sector; growing cloud readiness of Asian economies; increased reliance of emerging Asian economies on digitalization, the Internet and transformative enterprise technologies and the ensuing strict legislation of mandatory data archiving regulations; rising adoption of consumer cloud storage as the standard data storage technology among the rapidly digitalizing smartphone friendly internet population.

Outlook in Key Market Segments Through 2024, Basic Cloud-based Storage Services will remain the largest market, followed by Advanced Cloud-based Storage Services. Basic Cloud-based Storage Services is projected to witness the fastest growth driven by growth in data creation and parallel increase in storage IT spending. Product Definition & Scope Cloud Based Storage is referred to as provision of on-demand scalable storage space delivered through internet on a multitenant sharable basis.

Cloud based storage services being a highly demand agile, responsive and scalable service typically is well suited to serve archiving requirements. Cloud-based storage is also used for primary data storage, enabling the company to leverage from cloud based storage benefits such as multi-tenancy shared architecture, extreme scalability and on-demand storage, without the added advantage of high data security, control and availability.

Cloud based storage services typically store data on a centralized location on-line in a platform agnostic manner, they are especially useful in synchronization of content and data across several devices. In addition, cloud based storage solutions typically store data on a central location on-line, it is fairly easy to share data over the internet.

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